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DARN Transport Program

Operation Relocations -
Like all industries, animal advocacy work continues to evolve. Similar to working disaster relief, where organizations work together to transfer animals out of affected areas, we use the same methodology to coordinate the interstate transfer of animals from overpopulated areas to states without overpopulation issues. Many northern states have more compassionate animal cultures (higher owner responsibility, spay & neuter options, etc) that they less animals in their shelters and rescues. Some literally have people waiting to adopt available animals. This has really opened up a new level or coordination between shelters and rescues and has helped Texas to save thousands of additional animals. DARN regularly partners with local area rescues and/or shelters and assists with both these long cross country itransports. 

DARN Freedom Train - These transports are important because they basically mean that an animal is leaving an 'at risk' situation and going to a shelter or rescue who is devoted to saving them and helping to find a furever home. 

sept 2.jpg

Operation Relocation Illinois - back with our friends and partners at One Tail At A Time in Chicago, Illinois, resulting in 9 dogs saved. 6 of them were part of our Hurrican Ida relief work. Always nice partnering with our friends at Save An Angel! September 2, 2021.


Operation Relocation Illinois was completed for Save An Angel with one drop off at One Tail At A Time in Chicago, Illinois, resulting in 9 dogs saved. May 16 - 18, 2021.

apa cat.jpg

DARN Freedom Train transport was completed to assist with getting Oliver back to Austin Pets Alive! after he was turned into a high risk shelter in New York. An APA supporter was able to get him safely out of the shelter and we transported him home to Austin where he was reunited with his APA family. April 18, 2021.

apa cat intake.jpg

Operation Relocation Virginia, Washington DC, & Pennsylvania was completed for Save An Angel with 5 stops, dropping off with 7 amazing groups, resulting in 21 dogs saved. April 15 - 18, 2021.


Operation Relocation Illinois was completed for Save An Angel with one drop off at One Tail At A Time in Chicago, Illinois, resulting in 15 dogs saved. OTAT got some good press (link below) from this rescue and there were even a few captures of our Co-Founder, Denice, unloading animals. Feb 23 - 26, 2021  

One Tail at a Time helping dogs from Texas | WGN-TV (



Operation Relocation completed with 5 drop offs locations across Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. We partnered with 7 different rescues/shelters resulting in 40 dogs saved, 18 dogs & 22 puppies. We were working against a serious winter storm and experienced our worst driving conditions so far. Feb 1 - 5, 2021.

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Operation Relocation Illinois was completed for Save An Angel with one drop off at One Tail At A Time in Chicago, Illinois, resulting in 17 dogs saved. OTAT is a fantastic partner and a rescue that we have been to numerous times. November 17 - 19, 2020/


Operation Relocation Wisconsin was completed for Save An Angel with one drop off at Coco's Heart Dog Rescue. Coco's is a repeat drop off location for us and we are always grateful for all their help. This trip allowed us to help rescue 14 puppies, from four different litters. October 23 - 25, 2020  

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DARN Freedom Train - We made a relatively quick trip to the Valley early this AM for Save An Angel. Just over 8 hours on the road but clearly worth it to save 4 lives! SAA is committed to getting them healthy and moved on to their happily ever after! September 13, 2020


DARN Freedom Train - We assisted Save An Angel with picking up 6 dogs from South Texas and transporting them back to Austin. They were in really bad shape but still so very precious. The good folks at SAA are committed to getting them healthy and keeping them safe. July 5, 2020

april 6.jpg

DARN Freedom Train - We received a call from our friends at Bastrop CATS and were happy to assist. We picked up this sweet pregnant cat, "Momma" and got her safely dropped of at the Bastrop County Animal Shelter. An "essential" save! April 6, 2020.


Operation Relocation Virginia/Pennsylvania and 2 secondary DARN Freedom Train Transports - We volunteered with Save An Angel to transport a van full of community puppies and dogs that were pulled off euthanasia lists around Central Texas. We dropped off 10 dogs in Virginia with an amazing rescue and then dropped off the remaining dogs with 3 other awesome rescues in Pennsylvania. We dropped off at the van at a business in Pennsylvania and they added paneling to insulate the side walls of the van and also installed a secondary AC unit. We learned that our friends at APA had a cat, Chewy, that was surrendered to a high risk shelter in New York, we were literally a state away, so we rented a car and drove out to Brooklyn to secure Chewy from the shelter. We got the van, checked out of the hotel, loaded up Chewy and had just turned in the rental car when we received word that Max and Alaska, SAA Alumni's, were surrendered to the LA ASPCA. We made another diversion and headed to Louisiana to get them to safety. While the trip was much longer than normal, and filled with multiple diversions, we got the van upgraded and ended up with 3 additional lives saved so we were tired, but happy! August 3 - 9, 2019.


Operation Relocation Wisconsin - We assisted Save An Angel with dropping off 25 community puppies from Central Texas to an amazing rescue in Hudson, Wisconsin which helped keep them out of local shelters. July 19 - 21, 2019.

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